Sustainable Software & Hardware

What is Sustainable Software & Hardware development?

Tailored to your needs

Together we identify:

  • Your goals and priorities.
  • Your in-house skills and limitations.
  • Solutions that fit your company.

This helps ensure:

  • Long-term cost-efficiency.
  • Reliable operation and maintainance.

Slowing down to go faster

Taking the time to set:

  • Accurate requirements.
  • Realistic scopes and deadlines.
  • Small, incremental implementation milestones.

Helps us achieve:

  • Reliable, secure and efficient solutions.
  • Full and timely delivery.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

To ensure our solutions are long-lived, cost-efficient and future-proof we:

  • Use Open Source building blocks.
  • Use modern languages like Rust to enable fearless modification, extension, refactoring.
  • Provide source-code for future modification.


IT Architecture

Simplicity, reliability, maintainability and security are important architectural considerations for digital projects. Code Green helps you design and validate your architecture to catch problems early.

Development & implementation

Code Green plans the scope and requirements of software projects together with you. We can implement solutions ourselves or collaborate with your engineers.

Research, Modeling & Predictions

Code Green has extensive experience in scientific modeling of complex systems and machine learning. We help with high-performance model implementations or even the creation of new models.


Open Source & open standards

We use modern open source software and open standards wherever possible. This reduces vendor lock-in, reduces cost and increases the longevity of our solutions. We contribute to and maintain various open source projects.

Technical expertise

  • Rust, Go, C(++)
  • High performance networking (TCP, TLS, QUIC)
  • Embedded hardware & software
  • Machine learning and scientific computing
  • Modern web technologies (WASM, WebGPU)
  • Security & cryptography

Modern tech stack

We prefer using carefully selected technologies:

  • Rust eliminates many classes of bugs, with excellent performance and productivity.
  • WASM brings modern software development and compute performance to the web.
  • WebGPU enables truly cross-platform GPU acceleration.

Sustainable pace

We prioritize quality and our engineers' well-being by ensuring deadlines can be met without crunch. We also encourage continuous learning, by allocating sufficient time to experimentation with state-of-the-art technologies.


We're happy to discuss how we can help you, in a free consultation. Give us a call or send an email with your availability. We speak English and German.

Phone: +49 177 9071022 (12-18 CET)